About Us

Maxonic is the prime supplier of plastic household products company in Penang, Malaysia. The company develops, designs and supplies daily used plastic housewares, kitchenware and furniture to gardening supplies as well as customer OEM products. Maxonicalways strive to increase its market share not only by creating a vast variety of products for household use and also ensuring utmost quality in all the products offerings.

The company began its humble journey in the year of 1999. Over the years, Maxonic has penetrated into local and international market and become a major supplier of more than thousands of plastic products.

To date, Maxonic has more than thousands of products under Maxonic and Lifeware Brand, span across 13 product categories, ranging from household storage products, furniture, washroom products, dustbin and waste disposal products, laundry products, kitchenwares and so forth. 

Being a responsible and caring company, Maxonic strongly believes that by providing superior product quality is vital in ensuring customer satisfaction and long term relationship with customers.

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